• 1st Hole - 149 m Par 3
    1st Hole - 149 m Par 3 "Albert"

    Your first shot of the day is always tough but this hole will definetly wake you up for the rest of the round. The green is elevated but it is not that apparent, so take an extra club to make sure you get on top. Be careful - you don't want to go past the hole as the green slopes from back to front and you will be left with a very tricky downhill putt especially if the greens are running quick!

  • 2nd Hole Tee Shot -  249m Par 4 -
    2nd Hole Tee Shot - 249m Par 4 - "Osborne-Wallsend"

    A driveable par 4 for the longer hitters, but you better make sure you keep it straight or the sloping fairway will propel your ball to the left in amongst some small trees, leaving you with a tough shot to an elevated green. The trees on the right will also grab your ball. Ideal tee shot would be just left of the trees on the right, pitch in the rough and it will run down to the middle of the fairway near the green or even on the green if you are long enough.

  • 2nd Hole  -  249m Par 4 -
    2nd Hole - 249m Par 4 - "Osborne-Wallsend"

    The green is perched on an embankment so the approach to the green should favour the right half of the green for safety or your ball could be taken down a steep bank on the left side. Too long over the green and you will also have troubles with an uphill shot.

  • 3rd Hole - 142m Par 3 -
    3rd Hole - 142m Par 3 - "Woonona (Hale’s)"

    The 3rd hole is an interesting one depending on the hole position. There is a down hill  slope from front to middle and then up hill slope from middle to back. If the pin is on the left side you want to avoid missing the green to left as there will be very little green to work with and vice-versa if you miss it on the right side. You dont want to go over the green if the flag is on the back - an impossible up and down! There is a bunker short right of the green to be avoided. The ideal shot would be in the middle of the green or just off the front left. That should give you the option to play to any pin.

  • 4th Hole - 185m Par 3 -
    4th Hole - 185m Par 3 - " Russell Vale" Mine

    The 4th hole is one the trickier holes on the course - rated 2. It is a lengthy par 3, 185m and is slightly uphill. Like most holes at The Vale, you dont want to go long as the sloping green from back to front will make it a very tricky par save.The better way to play this hole is to be short of the hole and chip or putt up the slope. Shorter hitters should aim to left side to avoid going down into the trees on the right.


  • 5th Hole - 163m Par 3 -
    5th Hole - 163m Par 3 - "Old Bulli"

    The 5th hole is slight downhill tee shot to a fairly large green. The dangers are a bunker of the left side that can be a tricky shot to save par if the pin is close the left side. There is quite a severe mound at the back right of the hole where the flag can be tucked behind. You dont want to be right of the hole when the flag is on the right side of the green as this will leave a very tricky up and down. Favouring the left side, without going into the bunker, is a good way to play the hole. When the greens are running fast a putt from the right side maybe tricky to stop, especially when the flag is towards the back of the green.

  • 6th Hole - 153m Par 3 -
    6th Hole - 153m Par 3 - "Mt Pleasant"

    The 6th is fairly simple looking hole - until you play it. A bunker awaits any shot to the right and there is a severe mound to the left side of the green. It can, at times, bring your ball back onto the green but if it happens to stay up, it is a very tough up and down. A grass bunker short left is also waiting for your ball. The green is steeply inclined from back to front and if the pin is at the back putting up the slope is tricky to get it up on the top. It can roll back a long way if you it hard enough and the green is running fast. All most all the putts on the green will a tricky read. Short right front or middle of the green is a good way to play. You definetly don't want to be long or right over the green! Some would like rename the hole Mt. Unpleasant when they walk off!


  • 7th Hole - 152m Par 3 -
    7th Hole - 152m Par 3 - "Corrimal"

    The 7th hole has 2 degrees of difficulty - easy or hard. If the pin is front left on the green, it is a relatively easy hole. Your ball will funnel towards the hole from the right - just keep right of the flag and it should run down to the hole from the right side. You don't want to be left of the green. The other tougher pin postions are back left or top right. It takes a great shot to keep the ball on the top level of the green, and if you can do that you will give yourself a relatively easy birdie putt or 2 putt. The ball will generally fall down the slope and you will be left with long up hill putt. 3 putt avoidance is not easy. Also a very tricky up and down if you are in the right side bunker too! While your partners are hitting off you can admire the view - the highest point of the course - over looking the Illawarra and the ocean!

  • 8th Hole - 202m Par 3 / Ladies 4 -
    8th Hole - 202m Par 3 / Ladies 4 - "Coal Cliff"

    The mens stroke 1 and a ladies par 4. Walk off with a a 3 or 4 and be happy! It is a tough long par 3 hole for the men, with mounds at the front the green to stop balls running up onto the green and the out-of-bounds the entire right side of the hole. Any tee shot to the right is in trouble, and if it does not go out of bounds trees will most likely block your recovering shot. Favouring the left side of the hole is the prudent play but make sure you are past the small garden on the left. Too far left and there are trees to hamper your approach.

  • 8th Hole - 202m Par 3 -
    8th Hole - 202m Par 3 - "Coal Cliff"

    Photograph showing green position and the slopes behind; you definitely don't want to be long! The green is quite a large saucer shape sloping front to middle and back to middle. The ball does not run down the back slope as much as players believe it will, an infact and can even turn towards the sea, seemingly up the hill! This has caught many players before - even regular players each week! Favour the left side to leave a putt or chip uphill to any part of the green.

  • 9th Hole - 172m Par 3 -
    9th Hole - 172m Par 3 - "Mt Kembla"

    The 9th hole is rated 3 and some would say it should be 1. Your tee shot has to navigate a canopy of trees and then avoid out of bounds on the right. Not a favourite for people who like to shape the ball left to right, but ideally you want to aim left side of the green. One of the few holes on the course where over the green is not penal - the back of the green is slightly up hill leaving an easier chip. The green has a few slopes in it, the right front can be a tricky position.

  • 9th Hole - 173m Par 3 -
    9th Hole - 173m Par 3 - "Mt Kembla"

    A view from back of the 9th green - looking towards Broker's Nose. If you can get your ball to the back of the green, its not a bad position as you can play to any pin. Even better if you get your ball to stop on the green in the middle somewhere, this will give you the best option to any pin.

  • 10th Hole Par 3 123m -
    10th Hole Par 3 123m - "Metropolitan"

    The 10th Hole is the easiest rating hole on the course at 18 and looks like a benign hole. Looks can be deceiving though, the green looks relatively flat but once you are on it you will find some subtle breaks - especially on the right side of the green. The old adage that putts turn the ocean is true on the 10th. If you can find the green with your tee shot it should not be too hard to make a par but the stats will show there are suprising number of 4's made on this hole.

  • 11th Hole Par 3 112m -
    11th Hole Par 3 112m - "South Bulli"

    The shortest hole on the course and should be anything from an 8 iron to wedge for most players but you don't want to be short right in the bunker because you be left a shot from below the level of the green. If you miss the green to the right there is every chance you will out of bounds with the slope propelling balls over the cart path beyond the white posts. Left of the green will leave you chip from thick grass which is not easy to a sloping green. Over the green is nearly impossible to save par, especially if the pin is at the back. The green has a tricky uphill-left-to-right slope so you have to be careful not to 3 putt.

  • 12th Par 3 115m -
    12th Par 3 115m - "South Clifton"

    A fairly simple hole except for a swale on the front left half of the green: Any ball short of the middle of the green will run down the slope to the front of the green leaving a long uphill putt. If you can get your ball to the back area of the green or to the right side you should not have any issues - fairly flat green. There is a menacing bunker to be avoided on the right side.

  • 13th Par 3 139m -
    13th Par 3 139m - "Excelsior"

    Thirteen can be a tricky hole, the green has a few humps and bumps in it. The putting surface is bowl shaped with a steep slope at the back. All four areas of the green - front, back, left and right - have tricky slopes to read. The front of the green is protected by a mound to the right and a slope, any ball short will be repelled away from the green. If you can get your ball in the middle of the green it will be the 'easiest' place to get to all pins but if you favour the right side of the green past the mounds it will give you the best option for a par. The back left pin can be a devilish spot. A bunker on the left will catch wayward tee shots.

  • 14th Par 4 300m -
    14th Par 4 300m - "Wongawilli"

    Time to get the driver out again! The 14th hole is pretty straight away par 4. There is an out of bounds on the right hand side so you want to avoid that side of the hole. There is a forest of trees on the left that could be an issue, but for the most part, favour the left side of the fairway. If you are a long hitter you may be able to reach the bush scrub area, so be careful.

  • 14th Hole Green Par 4 300m -
    14th Hole Green Par 4 300m - "Wongawilli"

    Grass bunkers protect the right side if you stray too far. The green sits in a large mounded area that will help bring the ball back towards the green from the left or the back of the green. Favour the left side on your approach, the ball tends to run down to the right. A fairly flat green except the back right where your ball could easily roll off.

  • 15th Hole Par 3 - 148m -
    15th Hole Par 3 - 148m - "Corn Beef"

    Corn Beef doesn't mean its time for a picnic, you have to concentrate here. A bunker on the right will gobble your ball and there is a garden at the front of the green that you must carry. Long left is a tricky up and down. If you can, play to the centre of the green will give you the best option to all pins. In general, the green slopes away from the tee leaving a slick down hill putt to the back of the green.

  • 16th Hole Par 5 - 460m -
    16th Hole Par 5 - 460m -"Black Ball"

    It's par 5 time! Trouble lurks on the right side of the fairway with tall trees and hard pan scrub, and if you are long enough there is a thick garden shrubs that will eat up your ball. The left side also has some trees to stay clear of. If playing as three or four shotter to the green make sure you avoid the shrubs on the left in front of the dam. Longer hitters with a good drive should have a chance to go for the green. Anything left of the green will propel your ball into the water, especially in winter, so favour the right side.

  • 17th Hole Par 3 163m -
    17th Hole Par 3 163m - "North Bulli"

    A tricky down hill par 3. Once you have walked or driven to the top you can enjoy the views of the ocean and surrounds over Wollongong. Two large bunkers left and right lie in wait for any bad shots. The green is a tricky with a lot of slopes, particularly the top right. If you cannot hit the green, a shot just short front right of the green leaving a chip up the hill is not a bad option.

  • 18th Hole Par 4 -
    18th Hole Par 4 - "Tongarra"

    It might be called Tongarra but its not an easy ride home.A finishing par 4, drives should favour the right side of the fairway steering clear of the left side trouble including one lone palm that has caught a few before much to the amusment of playing partners! The green has a small plateaux on the front which is hard to get to when the pin is there, and the back secton where there are a few slopes to contend with. Try to avoid going right of the green because this will leave a tough up and down. A long green, there is a good chance of a 3 putt if you are not careful. As the crow flies, the fairway points directly to the club house - so you can celebrate or commiserate your round of golf! Cold drink time!

  • The 19th
    The 19th

The design, setting and relaxed atmosphere of The Vale makes is a great place to play, whatever you age, experience or handicap. There is a mix of par 3’s, 4’s and a 5 which provides a great challenge to experts and novices alike.