Major Prize Winners


Date: Tuesday, 7 May 2019 W.G.A Red S.R 62
Competition Type: Stroke No.of Players: 32
Weather Conditions: Warm
Visitors: Nil
Place Name Score Prize
Div 1 Winner Pattie Moore 67 $30 Voucher
Div 1 Runner Up Julie Neal 68 $20 Voucher
Div 2 Winner Dianne McKellar 66 $30 Voucher
Div 2 Runner Up Linda Schmidt 70 $20Voucher
Best Gross Julie Neal 83 $15 Club Credit
Super Veteran
Sponsor M.Mckay
N/A   1 Bottle White Wine
In The Rough
Sponsor P Moore 
N/A   1 Bottle Red Wine 
Ball Competition Results -Prize 1 Ball Each  
Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
Div 1   Div 2  
Susy Middleton 69 Maureen McKay 73
Genel Cartwright 71 c/b Trudie Swan 74
    Monica Gray 74
14th Hole Longest Drive  
Division 1 N/A Division 2 N/A
  Name Hole Prize
Eagles Nest Not Won 11th  9 Balls
Hole in One N/A    
Nearest The Pin      
Hole  Players Name Distance  
7th Julie Neal 1258cm  
8th Hole D & P Julie Neal 212cm  
9th Hole D & P June Ingleton 650cm  
10th Julie Neal 1519cm  
17th Hole D & P Julie Neal "in the Hole"  

Players excluded from Competition

Coby Steele, Rosamund Tierney - No Score Approved 



Date: Tuesday, 7 May 2019 A.G.U Blue S.R 60
Competition Type: Stroke No.of Players: 53
Weather Conditions: Fine
Visitors: Wollongong, Mt Coolum
Place Name Score Prize
Winner Karl Davies 59 $30 Voucher
Runnner Up Barry Swan 61 $20 Voucher
3rd Place Les Beauchamp 62 c/b $10 Club Credit
4th Place Dane Harris 62 c/b $10 Club Credit
5th Place N/A    
6th Place N/A    
Best Gross Steve Moxey 70 $15 Club Credit
Best Junior N/A   1 Ball
Ball Competition  Prize 1 Ball Each    
Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
Peter Tough 62 Warren Weston 64
John Szczur 63 Edward Brown 65
Keith Bennetts 64 Steve Moxey 65
Terence Hanlon 64 Henry Urbanski 65 c/b
  Name Hole  
Hole In One Nil   St Hallets Shirt + Wine
Nearest The Pin  Prize 1 Ball Each    
Hole  Players Name Distance  
5th Stephen Taylor 245cm  
7th Stephen Taylor 615cm  
10th Lou Whant 267cm  
13th Terry Nutt 224cm  
18th Hole D & P Les Beauchamp 78cm  

Players excluded from Competition

John Pesavento, Keven Barr, Jack Crawford, Owen Hudson - NSE