Major Prize Winners


Date: Saturday, 16 September 2017 W.G.A Red S.R 62
Competition Type Stableford No.of Players: 13
Weather Conditions: Fine
Place Name Score Prize
Winner Catherine Coombes 38 Pts $15 Voucher
Runner up June Ingleton 35 Pts $10 Voucher
3rd Place N/A    
Day Winner N/A    
Ball Competition Results -Prize 1 Ball Each  
Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
Joye Nelson 34 Pts    
Janette Jones 32 Pts    
Judith Allen 32 Pts    
  Name Prize  
Hole in One Nil Bottle Scotch  
Longest Drive N/A    
Eagles Nest Not Won 2 Balls  
Nearest The Pin       
3rd Joye Nelson 1470  
4th D& P Joye Nelson 625 cms  
6th Not Won    
10th Patricia Whant 1004 cms  
15th Cassidy Graham 280 cms  



      D.S.R 60
Date: Saturday, 16 September 2017 A.G.U Blue S.R 60
Competition Type: Stableford No.of Players: 120
Weather Conditions: Fine, cool
Visitors Wollongong
Place Name Score Prize
Grade "A" Winner Terry Hutchison 42 Pts $30 Voucher
Runner Up Tony McDevitt 37 Pts c/b $15 Voucher
Grade "B" Winner Gavin Steele 38 Pts $30 Voucher
Runner Up George Horne 37 Pts c/b $15 Voucher
Grade "C" Winner Alan Sellers 40 Pts $30 Voucher
Runner Up Trevor Brew 37 Pts c/b $15 Voucher
Best Gross Terry Hutchison 36 pts $25 Voucher
Best Junior N/A   1 Ball
Ball Competition Results -Prize 1 Ball Each  
Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
Terry Hutchison 42 Pts John Szczur 35 Pts
Alan Sellers 40 Pts Jim Jones 35 Pts
Gavin Steele 38 Pts Adrian Bennis 35 Pts
Tony Mc Devitt 37 Pts Ronald Sakoff 35 Pts
Trevor Brew 37 Pts Mark Johnson 35 Pts
Sandy Khan 37 Pts Graham Bradshaw 35 Pts
Peter Sainsbury 37 Pts Jason Northey 34 Pts
George Horne 37 Pts Ron Van Ede 34 Pts
Rob Young 36 Pts Bill Walker 34 Pts
John Air 36 Pts Ray Lewis 34 Pts
Francois Levy 36 Pts Brett Amatto 34 Pts
Ian Sartori 36 Pts Rodney Luck 34 Pts
Gary Burns 36 Pts Hans Van Ede 34 Pts
Anthony Cunial 35 Pts    
  Name Hole Prize
Hole in One Isaac Smith 15th  1 bottle Scotch
Eagles Nest Not Won 9th 10 Balls
Nearest The Pin  Prize 1 Ball Each    
Hole  Players Name Distance  
3rd B.Basman 371 cms  
6th P.Sainsbury 111 cms  
10th G.Woolmer 130 cms  
15th I.Smith 0 cms  
14th Hole D. & P. M.Kerr 145 cms