Major Prize Winners

Place Name Score Prize
Winner Harvey Darlow 3 up c/b $25 Voucher
Runnner Up Stephen Turner  3 up c/b $15 Voucher
3rd Place Paul Grey  3 up $10 Voucher
4th Place N/A    
5th Place N/A    
Best Gross Robert Lammers 6 dn c/b $10 Voucher
Best Junior N/A   1 Ball
Ball Competition  Prize 1 Ball Each    
Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
Harvey Darlow 3 up Graham Macdonald 1 up
Stephen Turner 3 up Peter Kennedy 0 up
Paul Grey 3 up David Turner 0 up
Owen  Hudson 2 up Dennis Milan 1 dn
Robert Wright 2 up Graham Kemp 1 dn
Robert Lammers 2 up    
  Name Hole Prize
Hole In One Nil   1 Bottle Scotch
Nearest The Pin  Prize 1 Ball Each    
Hole  Players Name Distance  
3rd George Thirtle 920 cms  
6th Dennis Milan 380 cms  
10th Mitchel Smith 318 cms  
15th Alf Vigurs 220 cms  
14th Hole D. & P. Terence Hanlon 55 cms  


Place Name Score Prize
Winner Frances Mewett 3 up $15 Voucher
Runner up Janice Halls 1 up $10 Voucher
3rd Place N/A    
Best Gross Kylie Brakenridge 12 dn $10 Voucher
Ball Competition Results -Prize 1 Ball Each  
Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
Frances Mewett 3up Pattie Moore 1down
Janice Halls 1up Glen Jones 1down 
Anne Nicholls 1down Dianne McKellar 2down
  Name Hole  
Hole in One Nil    
Longest Drive N/A 1 Ball  
Eagles Nest   24 Balls  
Nearest The Pin       
3rd Not Won    
4th D& P Claire Robertson 167 cms  
10th Patricia Whant 640 cms  
15th Anne Nicholls 920 cms  
9th Hole D & P Frances Mewett 249 cms