Major Prize Winners


Date: Tuesday 7 March 2017 A.G.U. White S.R 59
Competition Type: Stableford No.of Players: 45
Weather Conditions: Cool, Windy
Place Name Score Prize
Winner P Towers 37 pts $25 Voucher
2nd Place T. Nutt 36 pts $15 Voucher
3rd Place M Macmillan 35 pts $10 Voucher
Best Gross M Macmillan 27 PTS $10 Voucher
Best Junior      
Ball Competition  Prize 1 Ball Each    
Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
K Miller  34 pts S Taylor 33 pts
A Doyle 34 pts G Law 33 pts
R Cotterill 33 pts D Gillett 32 pts
N Sussman 33 pts P Young 32 pts c/b
E Hansen 33pts    
  Name Hole Prize
Hole In One Nil   1 Bottle Scotch
Nearest The Pin  Prize 1 Ball Each    
Hole  Players Name Distance  
3rd F Greisser 510 cm  
6th D Grief 680 cm  
10th K Miller 90 cm  
15th P Young 230 cm  
14th Hole D. & P. K Miller 240 cm  


  Ladies Good Will Day    
Sponsored By: Errol Hansell    
Date Tuesday, 7 March 2017     A.W.C.R 62  
Competition Type: Stableford No.of Players: 37  
Weather Conditions: Cloudy
Place Name Score Prize  
Ist Division 1 Julie Neal Nett 31 pts $120 voucher  
2nd Division 1 Rita Beauchamp Nett 28 Pts $80 voucher  
3rd Division 1 Pattie Moore Nett 28 Pts $40 voucher  
4th Division 1 June Ingleton Nett 27 pts $25 voucher  
1st Division 2 Cheryl Milan Nett 25 pts $120 voucher  
2nd Division 2 Kerry Air Nett 25 pts $80 voucher  
3rd Division 2 Judith Allen Nett 24 Pts $40 voucher  
4th Division 2 Barbara Overington Nett 24 Pts $25 voucher  
Surprise Prize Claire Robertson $50 voucher  
Encouragement Award Division 1 Genel Cartwright Bottle Wine  
Encouragement Award Division 2 Larrine Sheperd Bottle Wine  
Ball Competition Results -Prize 1 Ball Each  
Player's Name   Players Name    
  Pam Sherlock     Christa Patrick    
  Nancy yew     Vickie Payne    
  Joye Nelson     Marie Pickthall    
  Patricia Whant     Rosamunde Tierney    
Nearest The Pin Results  
Hole  Players Name Distance Prize  
3rd Hole Not Won   1 Ball  
D & P 9th Hole Kylie Brakenridge 326 cms 1 Ball  
10th Hole  Helen Todd 576 cms 1 Ball  
15th Hole  Rita Beauchamp   1 Ball  
D & P 14thHole  Julie Neal 665 cms 1 Ball  
Eagles Nest 12th Not Won 0 14 Balls  
Hole in One Nil