Major Prize Winners

Date: Tuesday, 15 November 2016   A.G.U Blue S.R 60
Competition Type: Stableford   No.of Players: 64
Weather Conditions: Fine & Warm
Visitors: Maitland, Nelson Bay, Port Kembla, The Ridge, Wollongong
Place   Name   Score Prize
Winner   Simon Vinning   42 Pts $30 Voucher
Runner up   Bruce Markwort   38 Pts $20 voucher
3rd Place   Frank Hemar   38 Pts $15 Voucher
4th Place   Maurice Duroux   37 Pts $10 Voucher
Best Gross   Maurice Duroux   33 pts $15 Voucher
Ball Competition Results -Prize 1 Ball Each
Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
  Gregory Payne   37 Pts   Dennis Milan   34 Pts
  Lucas Coleman   36 Pts   Eddie Strojny   34 Pts
  Stuart Bridges   36 Pts   William Todd   34 Pts
  John Szczur   36 Pts   John Hardaker   34 Pts
  Kevin Miller   35 Pts   Noel Maslin   34 Pts
  Walter Lees   35 Pts   Amos Hayes   33 Pts
  Allan Gray   35 Pts   Nas Misios   33 Pts
  Lou Whant   34 Pts        
Nearest The Pin Results   - Prize 1 Ball Each
Hole  Players Name Distance
3rd Maurice Duroux 184 cms
6th Paul Kavanagh 90 cms
10th Kevin Miller 220 cms
15th Stuart Bridges 210 cms
14th Hole D. & P. David Sherlock 1500 cms
Ladies             D.S.R 61
  Tuesday, 15 November 2016     WGA Red S.R 62
Competition Type: Stableford   No.of Players: 40
Weather Conditions: Fine & Sunny 
Visitors: Maitland, Nelson Bay
Place Player's Name Score Prize
Winner   Barbara Bosley   Nett 36pts $25.00 voucher
Runner  Up   Noeline  Snushall   Nett 34pts $15.00 Voucher
3rd Place   Margaret  Sutton   Nett 33pts $10.00 Voucher
Best Gross   Kathryn  Fetterplace   Gross 19pts Prize
Ball Competition Results - Prize 1 Ball Each
Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
  June  Ingleton   32pts   Elizabeth  Stacey   29pts
  Monica  Gray   32pts   Maureen  McKay   29pts
  Judith  Allen   30pts   Christine  Whitchurch   29pts
  Lyn  White   30pts   Patricia  Whant   29pts c/b
  Barbara  Overington   29pts        
Hole in One Pamela Morgan 6th Hole
Nearest The Pin Results   - Prize 1 Balls Each
Hole  Name Distance
3rd  Chris Whitchurch 188 cms
4th D & P Nancy Yew 294 cms
9th Hole D. & P. Lyn White 251cms
10th Simonne Irvine 1450 cms
15th Katherine Fetterplace 84 cms