Major Prize Winners

Competition Type: Bisque Par   No.of Players: 84
Weather Conditions: Cool & Windy
Visitors: East Malvern, Jamberoo, Kiama, The Grange
Place Player's Name Score Prize
Winner   Glory Glen   Nett 10 up $40 Voucher
Runner up     Tim Cremen   Nett 8 up $30 Voucher
3rd Place   Paul Mendygral   Nett 6 up c/b $20 Voucher
4th Place   Tony Slattery   Nett 6 up c/b $15 Voucher
5th Place   Allan Oldfield   Nett 6 up c/b $10 Voucher
Best Gross   N/A   Gross    
  Ball Competition Results -Prize 1 Ball Each
  Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
    Garry Humphries   6 up   Paul Grey   4 up
    John Reid   5 up   William Swiney   4 up
    John Walker   5 up   Connie Gumley   4 up
    Andy Hubscher   5 up   Alan Freedman   4 up
    Bill Walker   5 up   John Coll   3 up
    William Halls   5 up   Graham Helt   3 up
    Steve Simpson   4 up   David Cotterill   3 up
    John Kosten   4 up   John Dening   3 up
    George Hamilton   4 up   Claire Robertson   3 up c/b
    Jim Jones   4 up        
  Nearest The Pin Results   - Prize 1 Ball Each
  Hole  AGU Name Dist. Hole WGA Name Dist.
  3rd L.Chapman 111 cms 3rd Clare Robertson 1130 cms
  6th J.Allen 134 cms 6th Not Won  
  10th A. Jelercic 235 cms 4th D &P Barbara Overington 930 cms
  15th T.Cremen 38 cms 10th Margaret Lawson 930 cms
  D&P 14th T.Johnson 320 cms 15th