Major Prize Winners


D.S.R 58
Date: Tuesday, 18 October 2016   W.G.A White S.R. 60
Competition Type: Stableford   No.of Players: 70
Visitors East Malvern, Jamberoo, Port Kembla, The Grange, Wollongong
Place   Name   Score Prize
Winner   Denes Illyes   42 Pts $30 Voucher
Runner up   David Sherlock   42 Pts $20 voucher
3rd Place   Dennis Grief   40 Pts $15 voucher
4th Place   John Towns   39 Pts $10 Voucher
Best Gross   Steve Moxey   32 Pts $15 Voucher
  Ball Competition Results -Prize 1 Ball Each
  Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
    Steve Moxey   38 Pts   Frank Hemar   36 Pts
    Timothy Cremen   37 Pts   Amos Hayes   35 Pts
    Paul Grey   37 Pts   Clint Thorpe   35 Pts
    Ian Sartori   37 Pts   William Todd   35 Pts
    Walter Lees   37 Pts   Robert Garner   34 Pts
    Stephen Taylor   36 Pts   Noel Sussman   34 Pts
    Cameron Turner   36 Pts   Barry Swan   34 Pts
    John Szczur   36 Pts   Errol Hansell   34 Pts
  Nearest The Pin Results   - Prize 1 Ball Each
  Hole  Players Name Distance
  3rd T.Cremen 190 cms
  6th P.Kavanagh 242 cms
  10th B.Swan 430 cms
  15th T.Cooksley 305 cms
  14th Hole D. & P. F.Hemar 411 cms
Place Player's Name Score Prize
Winner Kay Costello Nett 41 Pts $25 Voucher
Runner  Up Patricia Moore Nett 37 Pts $15 Voucher
3rd Place     Helen Todd   Nett 37 Pts $10.00 Voucher
Best Gross Kylie Brakenridge Gross 20 Pts $10 Voucher
  Ball Competition Results - Prize 1 Ball Each
  Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
    Susy Middleton   36 Pts   Lorna Fleuren   35 Pts
    Ann Grose   36 Pts   Janis Parker   34 Pts
    Maree Buchanan   36 Pts   Marie Welding   34 Pts
    Celia Kerr   36 Pts   Anne Nicholls   34 Pts
    Kylie Brakenridge   35 Pts   Margaret Johnson   34 Pts
  Nearest The Pin Results   - Prize 1 Balls Each
  Hole  Name Distance
  3rd  Anne Grose 264cm
  4th D & P Kylie Brakenridge 340cm
  9th Hole D. & P. Lyn white 208cm
  10th Lorna  Fleuren 530cm
  15th Kylie Brakenridge 570cm