Major Prize Winners


      D.S.R 64
Date: Saturday, 12 August 2017 A.G.U Blue S.R 60
Competition Type: Stroke No.of Players: 91
Weather Conditions: Very Windy AM, Calm PM
Place Name Score Prize
Grade "A" Winner Gregory Riordan 38 Pts $25 Voucher
Runner Up David Biddulph 33 Pts c/b $15 Voucher
Grade "B" Winner George Young 35 Pts $25 Voucher
Runner Up Ray Lewis 34 Pts c/b $15 Voucher
Grade "C" Winner Ron Mather 31 Pts $25 Voucher
Runner Up Bryan Leo  30 Pts $15 Voucher
Best Gross Gregory Riordan 32 pts $25 Voucher
Ball Competition Results -Prize 1 Ball Each  
Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
Gregory Riordan 38 Pts Jason Northey 32 Pts
George Young 35 Pts Rodney Luck 32 Pts
Ray Lewis 34 Pts Malcolm French 32 Pts
John Sellars 34 Pts Ron Mather 31 Pts
David Biddulph 33 Pts Michael Dyer 31 Pts
Sam Twyford 33 Pts Graeme Eagleton 31 Pts
Jarrod Woolmer 33 Pts Craig Muller 31 Pts
Graham Smith 33 Pts Paul Fairall 30 Pts
Des Jones 33 Pts Byran Leo 30 Pts
John Pippen 32 Pts James Podmore 30 Pts
Cody Bain 32 Pts Jeff Jones 30 Pts
18th Longest Drive 14th Hole Drive and Pitch
A Grade N/A A Grade N/A
B Grade N/A B Grade N/A
C Grade N/A C Grade N/A
  Name Hole Prize
Hole in One Nil   $30 Voucher
Eagles Nest Judy Allen 9th 4 Balls
Nearest The Pin  Prize 1 Ball Each    
Hole  Players Name Distance  
3rd Frazer Davey 224 Cms  
6th Macolm French 1900 cms  
10th Patrick Vincent 331 cms  
15th Jarrod Woolmer 174 cms  
14th Hole D. & P. Jarrod Egbers 15 cms  


      D.S.R 66
Date: Saturday, 12 August 2017 W.G.A Red S.R 62
Competition Type Stableford No.of Players: 4
Weather Conditions: Fine & Windy
Visitors: The Ridge
Place Name Score Prize
Winner Janette Jones 29 Pts $10 Voucher
  Name Hole  
Eagles Nest Judy Allen 5 balls  
Nearest The Pin       
3rd Not Won    
4th D& P Not Won    
6th Not Won    
10th Not Won    
15th Not Won    


Winner  Archie O'Hara 8 pts c/b

            Bryn Newton   8 pts