Major Prize Winners

Jack Picton Memorial Day

Date Thursday, 27 July 2017   A.M.C.R 60  
Competition Type: Stableford No.of Players: 105
Weather Conditions: Fine
Visitors: Woolaware, Grange, Wollongong, The Ridge, Kiama.
Place Names Score Prize
Jack Picton Trophy Malcolm Kerr   40pts $45 Voucher
Runner Up Bryan Cody   39pts $30 voucher
3rd Place Bill Walker   38pts $20 voucher
4th place Richard McClelland   37pts/cb $15 voucher
5th Place David Turner   37pts/cb $10 voucher
Best Gross Colin Bloomfield   31pts $20 voucher
Ball Competition Results -Prize 1 Ball Each
Player's Names Score Player's Names Score
  Malcolm Kerr   40 Pts   Aldo Jelercic 35 Pts
  Bryan Cody   39 Pts   John Dening 35 Pts
  Bill Walker   38 Pts   Bruce Markwort 35 Pts
  Richard McClelland   37 Pts   Margaret Lawson 35 Pts
  David Turner   37 Pts   Nas Misios 35 Pts
  Mark Vaughan   37 Pts   John Lammers 34 Pts
  Ray McGoldrick   36 Pts   Kenneth Swiney 34 Pts
  Robert May   36 Pts   Paul Grey 34 Pts
  Errol Hansell   35 Pts   Gregory Riordan 34 Pts
  Andrew Staudacher   35 Pts   Peter Martin 33 Pts
  Greg McConnell   35 Pts   Melvyn Johnson 33 Pts
  Jane Davey   35 Pts   David Wainwright 33 Pts
Nearest The Pin Results
Hole  AGU Player Dist WGA Player  
3rd Hole George Law   92 cms 3rd Hole Kristine Symonds  
6th Hole Colin Bloomfield   195 cms 6th Hole Monica Gray  
10th Hole  John Hardaker   93 cms 10th Hole  Not Won  
15th Hole  Eric Hammond   235cms 15th Hole  Jane Davey  
D&P 14th Mark Vaughan   160cms D&P 4th Jane Davey  
Hole in One Nil