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For Membership Application inquiries please contact Membership Manager on:
0409 44 1617 or 02 4285 1286

Green Fees and Charges


Applicants may lodge completed membership application forms with the office at any time.   Applications are approved at Board of Directors meeting held on 3rd Monday of each month, following which you will receive an introductory letter and invoice.  Once paid, your membership will be processed and your membership card will be available for pick up.   


Once financial, members can book in for competitions on using member number (last 4 digits only) and PIN (DOB ie DDMM)


New members must be financial before they can participate in competitions in order to obtain handicaps. To obtain an AGU/WGA handicap, new members may play in our competitions and submit their score card. Cards will also be accepted from games outside our competitions or on another course but cards must be signed by a member of an AGU/WGA affiliated club and his/her identity must be legible for checking purposes.  Initial handicaps are calculated by Golflink and are progressively amended as subsequent cards are recorded.   Handicap cards from other courses must display Course Rating.

The Club respects its current members and reserves the right to refuse handicap cards which it believes may have been falsified.


The Club shall not be liable for any loss or injury to any person, member or visitor on the Club’s premises.  Club members are covered by the Club’s Personal Insurance Plan when playing on an AGU Certified course. Club members are reminded they are not covered by insurance if they are struck by a ball while crossing from the car park to the clubhouse via the 11th fairway.


Russell Vale Golf Club Ltd is subject to the Privacy Act 1988.  Personal information that you provide when you join the club is used to maintain your membership at the club.  You have the right to access and correct any of your personal information that the club holds about you.

The club may disclose part or whole of your membership and golf playing details to third parties that are involved in providing golf handicapping and management systems to the club.


Competitions are held on each Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday with tee off times from 6.44am. A 9 hole competition is held on Friday afternoons, with dinner option at the clubhouse.

Membership does not include “no charge” games on non-competition days. Social golf fees apply to games outside competitions.